IP Due-Diligence

Intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks and designs are an important asset of many corporations. For a prospective purchaser of a corporation, it is essential to assess the quantity and quality of the corporation’s intellectual property rights upfront.

We do not only provide a detailed catalogue of IP rights owned by the chosen legal entity, but also give a qualitative assessment on their scope of protection, validity, and enforceability.

We can help you to put a value on the available IP rights and identify those “eggs in the basket” which might cause only unnecessary costs for maintenance.

We also analyze the products of takeover candidates and conduct a national or international Freedom-To-Operate analysis in order to find out if the purchaser runs a risk to infringe any protective rights.

We also assist you in carrying out the merger or acquisition by analyzing the provided chain of title of protective rights and providing formally correct assignment documents to enable a smooth transition at the Austrian Patent and Trademark Office.

IP rights are too important to be neglected in a due diligence analysis – contact us and we’ll get you covered!

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