IP-Portfolio Analysis

The overview of your own intellectual property portfolio, including your patents, trademarks and registered designs, as well as all upcoming deadlines, increases the efficiency of the IP management in your company.

An IP portfolio analysis includes the comparison of the currently produced and planned product lines of your company with the protective rights of your intellectual property portfolio. In doing so, we identify, on the one hand, unprotected products, and, on the other hand, unused IP rights.

Often products are modified in their life cycle. We analyze whether these modified products with their possibly new technical characteristics are still within the scope of the granted patents. Any deviation should be recognized in time to avoid a “bad surprise” when the patents shall be enforced.

Particularly in the case of trademarks, which only need to be renewed every 10 years, the problem of unused rights arises frequently. This is exacerbated by the requirements of serious use of a trademark: unused trademarks marks can be cancelled at the request of third parties. We help you to identify such unused trademarks in advance.

If desired, we can also analyze your competitors' portfolio to help you assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

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