Research Cooperations

You are faster alone, but you can go further together - that is why companies often cooperate with competitors or with private or public research facilities to develop a new technology. A key issue is the question of patents: Who will be the owner of patents on the jointly developed technology - and thus levy licensing fees in the future?

What happens when cooperation partners leave the cooperation and use the know-how gained in the cooperation to file their own patents?

And how is the statutory remuneration for inventions to be calculated in cases, where several inventors from different companies have jointly developed a new technology? Even worse: what about inventor remuneration if the cooperation partner is a public research institution, for example a university?

All these questions should be clarified in advance in a carefully prepared agreement. We will be pleased to assist you in the formulation of clauses relating to IP rights, and check your agreement with regard to the intellectual property produced. We would also be happy to recommend you specialized attorneys-at-law to help you - so you do not leave "empty-handed" at the end of the cooperation!

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