Trademark Searches

Before a trademark is used in the course of trade and before a trademark application is filed, it is advisable to evaluate the trademark situation at hand by performing a trademark search for identical or similar filed or registered earlier trademarks.

A proper trademark search reduces the risk to accidentally infringe the trademark rights of other undertakings. It also reduces the risk of an official refusal of the application in countries, in which a prior rights conflict check is performed prior to registration.

While an identity search is limited to identical trademarks, a similarity search further extends to trademarks that have a word component similar in appearance, pronunciation, or meaning. Even a search for similar figurative marks is possible.

A trademark search usually comprises published trademark applications and registered trademarks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as European Union Trademarks and international registrations designating these territories. Other countries can be included at wish.

Let us know which signs you are interested in and we help you to set up a matching search profile.

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