An infringement procedure at the courts is usually the last resort to take legal action against the unauthorized use of a protective right.

Infringement suits in patent, trademark and design matters are negotiated before the Commercial Court of Vienna. In addition to injunctions, removal, rendering of accounts, information and publication of judgment, the patent proprietor is entitled in particular to reasonable remuneration as well as damages.

It is also possible to apply for an interim injunction. Such orders may also be issued if there is no special need for urgent action. Interim injunctions may, in particular, also be sought to preserve evidence in order to ensure that the infringer does not destroy such proof.

We have comprehensive experience in infringement proceedings and would be happy to assist you in the selection of a specialized attorney-at-law for the preparation and filing of the infringement action. We also regularly issue expert opinions on the infringement and validity of protective rights in order to support the parties of an infringement suit.

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