Renewal Services

Any IP right, whether a patent, a registered trademark or a registered design, has a limited duration and may be extended by paying a fee. The maximum duration is different for each intellectual property right: 20 years for patents, 10 years for utility models and 25 years for designs - only trademarks can be extended indefinitely.

Both the terms of payment and the fees of these renewal fees are, however, different for the different property rights. For example, patents have to be renewed annually, registered designs every five years, and trademarks only every ten years. In order to keep track, a professional renewal service is strongly recommended.

We administer more than 20,000 valid IP rights in our files and have been ensuring that the necessary fees are paid on time and in the right amount for many decades. It never happened that a payment term has been missed by our fault.

We would be glad to take care of your IP portfolio - so you can be reassured about the growth of your company in the coming decades!

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